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As BlackFriday. See more details here I spoke to Amex and in certain cases they can help you get targeted for certain offers like the ones above — call and let us know if you have any luck. See our Black Friday deals on books from famous investors below. Load Comments. The restaurant where the breakfast was served was on the smaller side, unlike the huge one at Banff. Fairmont hotels usually have a resident dog. Here is the one for this hotel. Must be very old, was not moving around very much. And now it is hiking time baby.

There are several hike trails all around Lake Louise. Of course I picked the longest trails without telling la familia. I have done it before hehe. Up there somewhere we finally reached this lovely tea house. It is owned by a German family for generations.

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It is a long way to get here but absolutely worth it! And we are off again…. And then this is a MUST do activity. The hotel has a canoeing activity. It includes breakfast and hot coffee or hot chocolate. Must wake up very early of course. In the previous day, we left after breakfast to visit the Icefields Parkway. It is a mile journey cutting through the Canadian Rockies. Yes it is a spectacularly scenic drive.

But we had in mind the Columbia Icefield , the largest icefield in North America. This is a major tourist attraction and there can be long lines. We got on these huge trucks that are built for terrain like this. The ride has extreme steep hills to go up and down, it was fun.

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They let us to goof around for a while, you know, the tourist thing, take pics and stuff like that. It was getting late so we decided to hit the gas and save more of these attractions on our return south from the Jasper area.

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Actually I had booked a Holiday Inn at Hinton on a Pointbreaks rate for two nights which is almost an hour past Jasper! Here are a few pictures from this hotel which was perfectly adequate for this ridiculously low points price! Next day we just started exploring Jasper National Park. This was a great sighting midway from Hinton to Jasper. I found it to be the second most beautiful lake after Lake Louise of course. There are so many little parks and trails inside Jasper National Park you start to lose it after a while.

Not sure which one is this one…. Since we were here we decided to visit the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge property. Made it to Peyto Lake , must see! Before Calgary we decided to take a detour to go see the Kananaskis area. Well it was recently flooded so not much to see around here. International flight Toronto to Detroit in this tiny plane…that was kind of weird!

TBB travelbloggerbuzz gmail. This trip report consists of parts in the following order: A detailed look on how I used my frequent flier miles and hotel points, along with Elite statuses to maximize the value of my trip. July 14 — August 3, I get hooked on some sights that impress the hell out of me.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise And you can say I have been plotting this trip in my mind for a very long time! The full detailed trip report follows. Warning: VERY long!

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First time in Calgary, very nice airport. Hotel was super clean, I do remember that! We took a nice stroll to the picturesque town of Banff. We then started exploring the areas around the Fairmont hotel. The pictures speak for themselves! Some pictures of our suite: The indoor swimming pool is magnificent!

There will be more… I told you there would be more….

This looks like a deer…I think. More pictures of the hotel… I think we ate at the hotel again… Woke up early to take some sun rays in… After an awesome breakfast we checked out early in the morning. So we can go hiking again, hooray! U go Vendoming, TBB goes hiking! Yep, magnificent views…again! They are everywhere around you here! Son likes to be funny and do…weird things. I wonder whose genes he has, WTF! Hotel had a breakfast area. It was nice. Nice beds, great sleep.

Up early to go, I let you figure that out. This hike was great, not challenging at all.

But the view, ooooh the view. There is one word to describe it: Orgasmic! Woke up very early to drink my coffee and take it all in… Words do not begin to describe…I am getting emotional now… Holy mother of…Views! From our room, yes yes yes!

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From the main floor You know when you get the feeling of being in total peace with yourself and everything around you by just…being here. I am tired of saying wow, your turn! I want to go back so bad! I need to go back to achieve that zen like status…I mean, look at that below! Brother-sister quality time!

There is a nice walking path all around most of the lake. I love this picture for obvious reasons. The princess This is at the end of the lake directly opposite the hotel. The main lobby of the Fairmont Lake Louise. Next morning we were off to see places. Of course we were lucky again to see more bears! This type of cloud views are very common around here… We walked the path all the way to the end… All right, this is one of my favorite pictures of my son searching to find himself.

This is at the end of the path around Moraine Lake. Time to leave Moraine Lake, it had started raining. Talk about a magical place, a sign from God! Back to my favorite hotel room view… Yes we had breakfast and many gift cards to pay with… The restaurant where the breakfast was served was on the smaller side, unlike the huge one at Banff. Are you tired of this view? I am not! View of the lake from a lobby restaurant in the main floor. Same view, just better picture.

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