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This plan operates on verizon, but they are not allowed to advertise this. My husband has an iphone with just a little data, he uses wifi, for only This is a little off topic… We too switched to pageplus after almost a decade with Verizon.

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We also have used Page Plus for about a year. He gets a little over minutes that expire in 4 months.

If you renew your minutes before the expiration date, your minutes roll over. We use wifi at home or at stores. Wow, thank you for sharing that Wendi. My flip phone is getting pretty old so maybe I will get a Smart Phone in the future. Texts should not be a problem … If your store has free wifi, you should be able to connect … I do have problems with one store, though. I was using that on my disposable…without the ability to get data or text easily.

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My wireless carrier will not let us have an activated smartphone without a data plan. I do not have a smart phone or a contract with a dataplan. If your phone is internet capable and can recieve text messages you can use the target mobile coupons now more than likely. They are texted to me and then I click the option for extract from the message and it takes me right to the link with the barcode for the cashier to scan.

And carriers require that you have a data plan Good luck to you on your quest for a new phone I know we gave my son a hand-me-down smartphone without the data plan thinking he could just use it as a phone. Yah that happened to my husband also when he used to have AT T. You could probably pay for a small text messaging plan and do the text coupons. Thanks, Jennifer! I am going to give that a try — I shop at Target almost every week and was sad to miss out on so many great Cartwheel deals. Unlimited text and data and phone call minutes are included in the monthly plan. Not bad at all. Katy do you know if you can use an iPhone and get one of these no contract plans from Virgin Mobile?

I know you can use an iPhone on a Virgin plan. I had to buy my LG phone first outright and then activate it through Virgin. It was too expensive to buy an iPhone and I went with a cheaper phone. But I wonder if you can get an iPhone anywhere i. Thanks for the info. If you get a smart phone most carries will require you to get some sort of a data plan.

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However, that data plan does not have to be huge. Also if the store you are in has free wifi then you can pull off of the wifi and not use your data plan. There are phone plans out there that are unlimited data without being outrageously priced.

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I have a Kyocera Brio on the Kroger Iwireless prepay plan. I have no idea about Cartwheel though. I, too, am pretty clueless about the advancements made in technology. I used Target Cartwheel, for the first time, last night and had to explain to the checker how it worked!!! Every dollar is worth it to be able to spend on something else!!! How are you printing the cartwheel deals without a cell phone at all? I was wondering how to do that since I thought you had to send a text message.

Set up an account, add your offers, click on the little cart icon, then click redeem in store, and finally, click print. It will print a scanable bar code, along with your offers. Show the page at the register. Some companies allow you to not have a data plan other do not. Sometimes the price of the data varies depending on the type of smart phone you get within the same company i.

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The problem with relying on wifi is of course not having service. I have a difficult time finding wifi service in my area and I might have to go someplace else or preload the coupon before leaving. All of the contract carriers require to have a data plan if you have a smartphone. You can, though, turn data off, so it only works on wi-fi and it is an easy thing to change, so you can limit yourself if you want or need to.

If you are worried about it, there are options to print them out instead. Cartwheel makes it really easy, it is a little more complicated for the mobile coupons. Not through the standard carriers anyway Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, ect. You could use a basic phone with texting to get the text deals. But unless you are just really wanting to upgrade to a smart phone, I really doubt you will see any savings after paying for the data plan.

After burning through several old blackberries and dinosaur flip phones, I finally upgraded to an iphone. I love it, despite the expense, for the internet, mail, weather, navigation, grocery list apps, ect. Not to mention that MOST major carriers will not allow you to have a smartphone without a data plan. Anyone use a Kindle Fire to access mobile coupons? All Things Target is an independent website and is not affiliated with Target. Comments Mobile is increasing day by all. Thank you so much! Thank you so much. Keep up doing great work.

Awesome am also get the huge discount on my order.. Exclusions apply:.

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They might even stack…. Text STOP to to end. I tried texting the codes to the number and I received text messages back stating that the program was temporarily inactive. It asks one to contact them at: or to email at Guest. Relations target. Or should I not bother trying to use in store? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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