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The creator of this quirky build had put the concept for the LEGO wall together during some downtime after being stuck at home during a bout of illness and unable to work. The product concept, a hilarious Photoshopped packaging image for the imagined wall, features all those signatures of any good LEGO set. After it was published, the image quickly became popular with fellow users, with over a thousand upvotes initially.

As it was reposted again and again, the image quickly gained traction and became something for a viral sensation.

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The Tiny Border Wall set image might have been created as a way to poke fun at the increasingly unpopular policies of the current US president, but it does bring focus back to the enduring popularity of LEGO with adult users. While that term might have been coined as another light-hearted nod to the wide-reaching appeal of the toy, the adult market is by no means a small one. Pato Purchased for: Self. I'm a little new to the Technic line, having only built the Rally Car before this.

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From the moment I opened the box, I knew this would be an experience. Firstly, the box design and presentation is beautiful, love the mosaic of the inner boxes. I love seeing how the engineering comes together throughout the build, and this did not disappoint in that area, the build mimics the actual build process in that the engine and gearbox are built separately and then married to the rest of the body.

The joy of building the massive, 12 cylinder engine is lost under a non-opening rear decklid, you can barely see the pistons working. The doors seem a little flimsy; only one attachment point and nothing to stop them from going too far into the cockpit when closed.

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The model is so heavy, even having 2 shocks per wheel doesn't seem to be enough to hold up its weight. This definitely seems to be more of a static model than something to really be "played" with, but I did really enjoy the build, and it looks fantastic. I will be moving on to the Porsche when my bank account recovers! Build Time: 7 days. Was this helpful? Manoloc75 The best Lego technic set, very challenging during construction and the final result its amazing. Play Experience rating.

Child Finds $40,000 Worth of Meth in Lego Box Bought From Thrift Store

Build Time: 13 hrs 37 mins. Robrix With all the excellent reviews already available, I thought I would share this instead. Perfect key storage. See images. Build Time: 19 hrs. Fake News. Formula One.

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  2. Child Finds $40,000 Worth of Meth in Lego Box Bought From Thrift Store.
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