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Although they are less common today than they once were, taboos have long been used to maintain social order. Through this lesson, you will learn Through this lesson, you will learn how to define the term and explore some examples Take online courses that are fun and engaging. Pass exams to earn real college credit. Research schools and degrees to further your education. Share On: B.

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Induction stovetop compatible and dishwasher safe. Set includes: 1. Not all locations open Sunday. Quantities limited, please be early. Sale items may not be exactly as shown. Chibesa, 24, who pleaded guilty Zimbabwean man in Canato assault causing bodily harm and da on a student visa has been two counts of drug possession, was deported after being convicted of sentenced to jail and probation on attacking an Abbotsford sex trade June 24, Fraser Way on Sept.

Ian MacDonald. If not, you suffer a whiplash injury — or worse — resulting in hospitalization, lingering pain, lost paycheques and countless visits to the physiotherapist. The claims process works like this. You call ICBC and make a report, and an adjuster is appointed. After the adjuster has investigated the accident, he or she may offer an amount of money to settle your claim. Remember that anything you sign can and will probably be used against you by ICBC at some future date.

Can ICBC examine all your medical and employment records? To determine a fair offer, ICBC needs to look at the information relevant to the accident. Most lawyers only give ICBC copies of any relevant records. When should you settle? But even. When: February 6 to February 24 BC Hydro and its contractors are conducting additional geotechnical investigations, some pre-construction activities and a field test to finalize the design and methodology for the Ruskin Dam seismic upgrade of the right west bank of the dam and for work at the left east intake.

Please plan an alternate route. If you have any questions or require further information, please call BC Hydro at 1 or e-mail stakeholderengagement bchydro. For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to our customers. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with our customers to conserve energy through Power Smart. Learn more at bchydro. Before accepting an offer, you need to know the full extent of your injuries so you can assess whether the offer is really fair.

Is the money offered a good settlement? It may not be. The adjuster appointed to settle your claim is not your adjuster. Do you need a lawyer? The only way to ensure someone is handling your claim fairly is to talk to a lawyer. Retaining a lawyer will ensure that all your losses and damages are properly assessed. Most lawyers will give you a free initial consultation. If you decide to see a lawyer, act quickly. Written by Janice Mucalov, LL. This column provides information only and must not be relied on for legal advice.

Lawyer Janice Mucalov, author of this column, writes about legal affairs for a variety of publications and organizations. Copyright by Janice Mucalov. But each of the 22 nominees, which ranged from a national food processing business to a man who makes birdhouse kits from recycled lumber, were recognized as remarkable leaders for their innovative ecofriendly and sustainable practises.

The inaugural event drew more than guests, more than the organizing host, the Abbotsford-Matsqui Rotary Club, had anticipated. James began lobbying for a code of practice for his industry back in , when he pressed the province to bring in legislation to require B. In , the City of Abbotsford, along with the support of its former environmental director Peter Andzans, became the first municipality in B. Banman announced that the city, too, will continue to build on its own environmental stewardship with the development of a sustainability strategy this year that will include a Green Energy Plan, a Green Com-.

Talk to us today! For more information please refer to www. The Energy Saver Award went to the Abbotsford School District for its district-wide energy reduction strategy that includes alternative energy pilot programs, conservation and educational initiatives involving students and staff. BARR Plastics helped fellow nominees the City of Abbotsford to harvest rainwater for watering city gardens, and the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre to become the first professional level ice arena to use rainwater in making its indoor ice.

Vedder Transportation Group earned the Green Project Award for converting its truck fleet to liquified natural gas from diesel fuel, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 3, tons a year — equivalent to taking passenger cars off the road. Vedder was also recognized for its influence on the transport sector, showing that environmental protection and the bottom line hand in hand. See more at www. Pauls Marylyn Jacobson Murray Simmons. Abbotsford, B.

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V2T 6K2 letters abbotsfordtimes. Do you realize that one whole twelfth of is already gone? An entire month gone by. How ridiculous is that? Unless the Mayans and other assorted whack-jobs turn out not to be whack-jobs after all. What if the world ends on Dec. What if, as we approach the end of , the nuts, loonies, and charlatans win the bet? What if we end? Have we made a sound? Too deep inside my head now. At me. Studies show that laughter makes both the laugher and the laughed at healthier — providing the laughed-at is both laugher and laughee, as well.

Study after study has shown that, while laughter may not. And it works best if you can aim at least some of that laughter at yourself. A lot of it makes sense, indeed. Consider some of the people who get the best benefits from laughter — like the billionaires who get to laugh all the way to the bank. Now, laughter and money are not necessarily perfect partners on opposite sides of an equal sign.

But they do live together quite nicely. And indeed, you can live with little money, but without laughter. Might just as well be Dec. The survey results indicate that nearly half 48 per cent of British Columbians include price in their top three priorities when they are looking for a vehicle to buy. Fuel efficiency is one of the top three concerns for 42 per cent of prospective car buyers in B. But safety makes the top-three list for slightly less than one third 32 per cent of B.

The survey further revealed that, among those who have safety high on their list of priorities, most are primarily concerned about standard safety attributes, such as airbags, anti-lock or other braking brakes features, or seatbelts. ICBC notes that, while all are important, there are many newer — and less familiar — technologies, such as electronic stability control — that may reduce accident risks by up to nearly 50 per cent. Regarding the letter from Art Martens Feb. Secondly I would like to commend Gerda Peachey for not giving up on addressing the anomaly of this show that is hosted at the Tradex in our community.

Thank you Gerda for having the courage to speak up in regards to this issue. I have followed with interest the City of Character initiative that Abbotsford city council has initiated over the last couple of years. Our community leaders have identified positive community values that. Letters must include first and last names and your hometown and should be fewer than words. With this picture in my mind it seems to me that the Taboo show is an anomaly and fits more into the idea of a wasteland and is truly letting down the guard on the doors of our city.

The conflict here makes me feel like we have two cities within one: namely the one that wants to promote positive community values and the other one, demonstrated by the Taboo show that by its very existence threatens the fabric of that which is right and good.

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I am wondering if our city council is sure of the flagships they want to represent our wonderful city. Jane Welsh Abbotsford. They will grab at anything no pun intended to get people into the white elephant building. Do you think many wives are going to let their husbands go to these games? If the wives do, the husbands might come home a little frisky. But hey, you never know, maybe this football league might get more fans into the seats at the AESC then the Abbotsford Heat does. What is happening to this town? First high taxes then water issues, now this. People are laughing at Abbotsford.

Rick Fladager Abbotsford. MP pensions grow by a guaranteed They are not invested, not geared to the market, unlike the CPP, which in the meltdown of lost The Federation calls for reform of the current plan to be replaced by a Pool Registered Retirement Plan with contribution rates equal to those paid by public servants. Why do elected officials receive this lucrative perk? Several years ago the provincial government scrapped the tax-free allowance for MLAs. Now it is time axe this tax-free allowance for municipal elected officials. Before taking a knife to entitlements for seniors, Parliament must start by drastically cutting their own excessive payouts and taxfree allowances.

This gravy train must come to a halt. Christine Horsfield Abbotsford. I am a clinical pharmacist working the Lower Mainland and was very disappointed with a story run by Global BC recently about hospital pharmacists. My largest disappointment is with the setting in which the interview was shot, the pharmacy dispensary. I spend only a portion of my time working in drug distribution. The rest of it takes place on the ward where I review charts, lab values, microbiology, vital signs, blood. I assess patients for therapy-related issues, interview patients and review pertinent clinical data.

Pharmacists are not drug dispensers; we play a critical role in improving patient outcomes. Sarah Masson Mission. There are various views about water conservation and water charges in Abbotsford. I believe everyone will concur that the water is a resource that must be carefully managed. We do not want a situation where there is a risk of having a shortage or possibility of running out of water. We acknowledge that water is a necessity for every one of us.

It is also a fact that some people use less water and on the other hand some have larger use. Water conservation is the need of the hour. It is also not fair for low water consumers to subsidize large water consumers. At the same time excessive water charges are distressing, especially to the large families, seniors and physically impaired people.

Water charge rates should be planned in such a way that they are fair, equitable and every one pays according to the amount of water used — whether single unit, multiple units, basements — legal or illegal. A group of concerned Abbotsford citizens have created a petition and plan to bring it the next council meeting. For more information, email to jobbermh yahoo. This is a democratic approach and we thank you for doing your part. Musleh Hakki Abbotsford. Cancelling the show is a big mistake because it takes away much needed money from Abbotsford, and it also sets the city back 50 years.

Sexual acts, positions, and toys can be found on many main stream television stations and websites, which anyone can access. Walk the halls of any of our local shopping centres, schools, or our streets will show you that we are not naive when it comes to sex, and the Taboo show would do little to morally corrupt our citizens.

Is it morally acceptable to have women running around in lingerie so people can drool over their looks? I doubt anyone would watch the game for the science of football. I think both these events should be allowed to proceed, but for one to be cancelled and the other not comes across as strange to me.

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We live in a time when sex is sold to us in many different ways, at all hours of the day. Burying our heads in the sand, and pretending like it does not exist is a mistake. Let the show go on. Daniel Blaschek Abbotsford. One of the highlights was the announcement of the Doris J. Paterson Tearoom in the heritage building located at First Avenue. Paterson was on hand and thrilled with the news.

Calgary Pride Parade (2015)

They must be proud of me. Director Matt Johnson, behind, chats with a friend. At right, volunteers, board members and supporters gathered for the special 40th anniversary of the MAC on Thursday. Many toured the heritage home that houses the gallery. Local musician Cathy Hardy and one of her students, Megan Vandenberg, 14, provide entertainment, below. Each week a featured school 4th grade class will provide three questions. Answer all three questions and take to one of the 3 featured businesses to enter.

Check back each Tuesday for new questions. Watch the video 3. Prizes every day from March 1 to March 9, grand prize is. RSVP to laurie epca.

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  • Wildlife Explorers is a spring break camp at the Great Blue Heron Reserve that is all about exploring wildlife and the outdoors. Contact herons shawbiz. You will only be charged if the group is big enough. You can share it easily using the social media links on each deal page. Redeem your prize Once you have located the treasure box, bring it into our new Abbotsford branch and redeem your cash prize. Unable to scan the code? Go to our YouTube channel youtube. Unsure how to scan? Using your mobile device, download a free QR code reader and scan the code.

    Amrit Benning of W. Gordy Gill below right of Abbotsford Traditional wrestles in the 66 kg match. The Cascades men defeated Trinity Western to sweep the two-game series and clinch second place in the West Division of Canada West. The Cascades finish. Mouat finished second with 66 points, while MEI picked up fifth spot with 39 points. More than wrestlers competed from throughout the Fraser Valley. Mann was especially proud of Maneet Klair, who came back from a serious knee injury over the summer to take second place in the 54 kg final.

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    • Novembre 2018;
    • Another prominent grappler for the Hurricanes was Justin Gill, who took gold in the 66 kg class, over fellow wrestler Baldeep Gill. UFV was led by Sam Freeman with a game high 19 points. Kyle Grewal added 16 points and Joel Friesen with 15 points. The guys set a goal at the beginning of the season to host a playoffs, and. This middle-weight is a tough class.

      To win in a big weight class as a Grade 10 kid is quite a challenge. Heritage Park took third place in the girls team standings with 24 points, while Hatzic Secondary placed sixth with 13 points. The top five finishers in boys and top four in girls qualified for the B. Wrestling Championships to be held in Penticton Feb. T h e Ca s c a d e s w o m e n defeated the Spartans , to finish the regular season with a record, securing second place and a home playoff series beginning Feb. UFV was led by Aieisha Luyken with 19 points, which marks the fourth straight game Luyken has led the Cascades in scoring.

      Tessa Klassen added 15 points. The two had an identical combined time of Rudman, meanwhile, parlayed that third-place finish into an overall World Cup title. I feel really great because I struggled a lot on the start, but it feels really good to know I can be competitive with a little bit behind in the start. I thought we competed hard tonight. The Heat lost the game , but will be looking for a win when they face the Houston Aeros Friday and Saturday night at home. The community-oriented league is for boys and girls ages 6 to 16 and runs April 19 to June 8 on Thursday and Friday evenings.

      Registration is March 1 from noon to 2 p. For details contact agrechockey yahoo. Newcomer Adam Estoclet was robbed of a game-tying goal in the final five seconds of play and the home team was left without a point on the night. The Barons opened the scoring at of the first period to lead the Heat through 20 minutes. With the game tied at one at of the third, the Barons found the winner with a booming slap shot from the right point that eluded a crowd in front of the net and Henrik Karlsson, who was making his second ever AHL start. The Heat power play finished without a goal on four opportunities, while the penalty kill erased both power plays for the Barons, who now sit with 69 points in the Western Conference — seven points clear of second spot.

      The Heat find themselves in seventh in the conference, with two teams within a pair of points below them in the standings. The Heat and Aeros have been battling for second spot in the West Division all season with Houston currently up by seven points. Game time is 7 p.

      Special Offer! Enter at facebook. Must be at least 16 to enter. Contest in effect Feb 14 - Apr No cash value. View our complete rules and privacy policy at www. Roch, on Feb. Call or see www. A social group for women of all ages new to the area meets Feb. Call Corry at Better Breathers meets the third Thursday of each month from 10 a.

      Share information, education and support with others who have major breathing problems. For all writers, from the closet writer to the published author. For more call the library at Call the library at Practice your English and make new friends Feb. Call Presented in cooperation with Mission Community Services.

      Women with Cancer support group meets Feb. All women with cancer are welcome to join this relaxed, friendly group. Your email address will not be published. The Reflector. As the school year draws to an end, read our all-encompassing review of the seasons that were See More See Less. Read on the country singer's take on the genre now on the Reflector. How Maren Morris and the rest of the music industry are standing up for women The Reflector.

      Read how memory in testimonies have been questioned and criticized in the past, and the psychological explanation behind it all in the third and final article of our Aftermath series Aftermath: How authorities of justice and safety look at sexual violence The Reflector. MRU will be doing away with the age-old tradition of valedictorians at future graduation ceremonies MRU phasing out the tradition of valedictorians at convocation The Reflector.