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Promotion Code This field is optional field. Return use arrow key to select One - Way Multi City. Argentina flights are packed with passengers and their purchases including leather goods, rugs, wines and more from shopping in Buenos Aires. Because of its considerable size, the most economical way to travel around the country is to acquire an Aerolineas Argentinas Visit Argentina Pass while booking your Argentina flights.

This enables extensive travel within the country so you can fly from the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires to the rolling terrain of the Central Sierras in Cordoba and then north to the lush wineries in Cafayete. Argentina is the birthplace of tango-the forbidden dance. Book a trip to Argentina to be seduced by its history, geography and culture.

Argentina is a big country, and the climate can vary widely.

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The north is subtropical while Patagonia in the south can be sub-Antarctic. The plains are usually mild and humid.


The north is best visited between May and September while the opposite is true for Patagonia. The summer months are typically the busiest for flights to Argentina, although this does vary slightly depending on where exactly you are traveling. Patagonia and the Andes are much more enjoyable during the summer whereas the north of Argentina is more pleasant during the winter months of June to September. The high season in Buenos Aires tends to last all-year, though spring and fall are the most popular because of the temperate weather.

Early October to early December is when spring takes over and you can find cheap flights to Argentina without the high season crowds, making your vacation more enjoyable. If you have an international departure point, look at flights with Copa and Lufthansa. Dress in Argentina tends to be on the more formal and conservative side. Having the right shoes is essential in Argentina, specifically a pair of hiking boots and dancing shoes so you can tango. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and has the busiest airport.

There are, however, many private and public bus choices you can make.

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If you turn left after leaving the airport you should find the public buses with little trouble. They only operate from Terminal B. Manuel Tienda Leon is one of the main private bus companies. Finally, you can choose to hail a taxi. There are numerous taxi options.

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You can either find ones outside, pre-arrange one when you are securing your cheap flights to Argentina or take one from the Exeiza taxi desk inside of the airport. The airport is around 6 miles from the center of Cordoba. The transportation from here is lacking, though. Additionally, there is a minibus service, so if you do end up with a lot of luggage, you could opt for that. Depending on the route, flights can be even cheaper than buses. Long-distance buses are also a good option and are equipped with a toilet, air-conditioning and even a bar.

Classes run from to , and shortly after is a casual dance. Buenos Aires is a city rich in culture, and you can get a taste of its art at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. They lie in the middle of a rain forest, and you could easily spend a whole day exploring. Of course, when you go to Argentina, you must see the Andes. Over 4, miles long and cutting through several countries, the Andes lie along the western edge of Argentina.

May to September is ski season, so you may want to spend time at Bariloche Resort or one of the other skiing areas on the mountains. The Andean Lake District is great for fishing and hiking, and if you enjoy rock climbing, the Andes offers some of the best in the world. Planning to continue the vacation after Argentina?

This is one of my favorite classes during my time that I spent in Buenos Aires. Both Mariela and El Peque are very passionate about teaching and working with each person that attends their class. The best part about their classes is that they have a monthly topic that they stick to each class.

When I took their classes we covered: the back, base leg, and center. This class is held in the house of Mariela Sametband. She as a small dance floor inside of her home and can only fit some many people. In order to attend their classes you need to message Mariela ahead of time to see if there is space.

This couple will teach you how to play in tango. For the first part of every class they like to beginning dancing with games. They give you constraints while you are dancing in order for you to focus on trying to actually dance to the music instead of just running through figures. If you are interested to get an idea of what this couple is all about check out this video…. This is one of the best technical training classes in the city. Most classes only last 1. Out of all the technique classes that I tried in Buenos Aires. Pablo Rodriguez has one of the most unique styles and this carries into his way of teaching.

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He has an understanding of movement and ideas that will definitely have a huge impact on the way you embrace, move, and understand how the lead and follow works. Chicho and Moira hold an advanced tango workshop in Buenos Aires once a year. You will find his seminar filled with professionals. Lots of professionals attend this workshop.

The advanced workshop is covers subjects that even professionals find very challenging and deviates a lot from what you would expect in a normal tango class. Some of my most profound classes and concepts came out of taking these workshops. In September, Vanesa and Facundo teach technique classes for both men and women. They figures they teach are all quite advanced. Lorena was champion in mundial In with Sebastian Acosta.

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She now teaches with Gaston Comejo. Their group class revolves on very thought out and useful figures for the pista. They really care about their students and you can really tell from the way that they teach. Their class times change each time the return to Buenos aires so check their Facebook page for more information. I started and have taken a lot of my classes at this school. They have a very good system and aim to teach proper tango fundamentals to each student in the class. I really enjoy the couples technique and alternative tango classes.

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No introductions are needed as to why this class is recommended. Horacio Godoy is renowned for the genius of his Musicality. He goes into extreme depth on orchestra analysis. Alejandra Gutty is one of the highly regarded for tango scenario. She has a technique class where she covers very specific topics each week. She goes into lots of detail about the concepts as you run through many exercises.